Philips Zoom Teeth Whitening

As you grow older your teeth are worn away and naturally yellow. This is also greatly increased by several other factors including drinking tea or coffee, smoking and even eating. This can lead to low confidence and self esteem if you no longer have confidence in your smile.

As an adult, you only get one set of teeth so why take the risk of damaging them with a DIY teeth whitening kit? This is especially true when you consider how safe and cost-effective our professional teeth whitening solutions are at Meads Dental Practice.

At Meads our dentists offer an initial consultation, followed by several further sessions where our professional dental team will apply the latest Philips Zoom! Whitening technology - which can whiten teeth up to six shades in one hour!

Speak to your dentist or hygienist on your next visit, book an appointment or visit our Philips Zoom! Teeth Whitening page here for more information.

XS: Mobile
SM: Tablet
MD: Laptop & iPad
LG: Desktop & iPad Pro
XL: HD Desktop