Meads Dental Practice & COVID-19

All patients are required to complete our Pre-Appointment Questionnaire the day before your appointment.

Parents or carers of child patients (below the age of 16) should complete the forms on behalf of the child.

Pre-Appointment Questionnaire

Please complete no sooner than 1 day before your appointment.


As with most of the country we have been on pause during these unprecedented times. We wish to express our thanks and gratitude for your patience. We know how hard and unpleasant this has been for those of you who have experienced dental difficulties, some of which have been, and still continue to be, extreme. We are also aware that some of our patients were mid treatment. During this period many of you have contacted us for advice and and we have tried our best to help as much as we could within the constraints of the situation. We are sorry that you are going through this journey.

Please watch the video to explain how Meads is working to ensure your experience is safe, whilst still maintaining our warm presence at the surgery.


Last week we were pleased to receive clear guidelines from the authorities regarding the gradual re-opening of dental practices. We have been planning and preparing hard and we are nearly ready to welcome you back to Meads with enhanced safety measures in place.

Meads Dental Practice will be reopening for face to face sessions from Tuesday 9th June. Unfortunately for the next few weeks, whilst we are looking forward to seeing you, we will be dealing with emergencies only. Our usual appointment system will not be operating. For emergencies or queries please continue to leave messages on the answerphone.


We will soon contact patients in stages and will be prioritising appointments based on urgency of dental treatment and will have to adhere to the government guidelines on what constitutes an emergency. In the first instance, we will organise appointments for those who we have spoken to during the lockdown, with severe pain and infections. Subsequently we will prioritise patients who we have also spoken to who have other severe problems.


After this initial phase we will prioritise patients who have ongoing treatments where further delay would jeopardise the treatment outcome. Business returning to normal will be dependent on a relaxation of the current guidelines set by the authorities.


We have always maintained very high standards of cross infection control at Meads which have been inspected and approved by the Healthcare Regulator the Care Quality Commission (CQC) . Nevertheless, these measures will be further augmented in light of the latest guidance related to COVID 19. Some of these changes will be clearly visible and may seem familiar to what you have seen lately in the media.

In preparation for the resumption of dentistry at Meads, we have already implemented changes and are procuring equipment and materials to keep our patients and staff safe whilst providing our usual high standard of care.


Before an appointment is made the clinician will call you to carry out a phone consultation to ascertain your clinical need, and this will allow us to prepare the surgery in advance. At this stage an appointment will be made.

A pre-assessment medical history form will be emailed to you before your appointment and will need to be filled out and returned to us by email. It will be a simple ‘tick box’ format. This is an obligatory requirement and we would kindly request your full cooperation. If you do not have access to email then the assessment will be carried out verbally on the phone.


Prior phone consultation will allow us to thoroughly plan your visit so that you are least inconvenienced on the day of your appointment and to minimise waiting time.

Appointments will be staggered throughout the day to avoid crossover of patients within the building and to allow sufficient time for additional Covid 19 disinfectant measures between patients both in the clinical ares and the rest of the building.

The guidance from the authorities is that the clinical areas (surgeries) need to be closed after disinfection procedures, for between 30-60 minutes depending on whether air generating procedures (ie water and air generation by drills and ultrasonics) are used.


If you are arriving by car please wait in the car park until you are called on your mobile phone by the receptionist. You should not wear any arm or finger jewellery. We also recommend that you wear a face mask or face covering. We would also highly recommend that you enter the practice alone unless accompanying a child or a dependent patient. If you are arriving on foot please advise us in advance so that we can make socially distanced arrangements for you within the practice.


On entering the practice, your body temperature will be taken using an infra-red contact-less thermometer. If your temperature is above 37.8'C we may ask you to return home and to self isolate as per Public Health Guidance. There may however be mitigating circumstances such as a raised temperature owing to an oral infection or even sitting in a hot car. The receptionist will reconfirm your medical history with you to ensure that there have not been any changes.

Hand sanitiser is available in the hallway for your use. Gloves will also be available if you are unable to climb the stairs without touching the bannister. You will be guided straight up to the surgery where you will be met by the dentist and nurse who will be wearing extra Personal protective Equipment (PPE) appropriate for your appointment.

Beneath the façade we are still the same friendly smiling team and will look after you in the way we always have. You will be asked to wash your hands with warm soapy water prior to sitting in the dental chair. We will then carry out the appropriate treatment.


On completion of the treatment we will ask you to wash your hands again and to replace your mask or face covering before going back downstairs where you will be met by the receptionist. Further appointments may then be made if essential, and payment made . Receipts will be emailed to you to avoid handling paper.

All common areas, door handles, bannisters and surfaces will be disinfected throughout the day.


As a consequence of all these required measures, it will take us a lot longer to complete treatment sessions which inevitably means that we will be able to see less patients than the normal working day. However, it is imperative that we keep everyone safe at Meads.

Owing to the increased measures that we are taking there will be a surcharge for our patients to help offset increased cost of doing business post COVID 19 (PPE, protective screens, decontamination etc.).

Non Air Generating Procedures (Non AGP). £20.00

Air Generating Procedures (AGP). £35.00

All of the above will seem quite daunting but we are so looking forward to seeing you again and to be able to look after you.

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SM: Tablet
MD: Laptop & iPad
LG: Desktop & iPad Pro
XL: HD Desktop